A love story by PES for citizenM

To help celebrate the launch of its Times Square hotel – and its first foray into the great US of A – citizenM teamed up with the brilliantly inventive, Oscar nominated US filmmaker, PES.

His brief? Kill a towel swan.

Working in collaboration with citizenM’s design and communication agency KesselsKramer, and his team in Los Angeles, the filmmaker developed a unique approach. “PES admitted he’d wanted to make a film using a towel swan for some time. It’s a nice, strange coincidence
that we came along with that as the subject.” says Dave Bell, KesselsKramer’s Creative Director. In case you have never had the good fortune to ever see one, a towel swan is the skillfully-crafted, terry-toweling decorative origami of choice in certain luxurious establishments around the globe.

The film – a satirical swipe at hotels with tasteless decor, pointless services and hotel clichés in general – is dressed up as a beautiful romance between two towel swans as they glide around a hotel bed. However, their mating ritual is brought to an abruptly violent end. The animation team took hundreds of painstaking hours to make the film, which is shot in PES’s trademark stop frame animation style.

PES, whose celebrated films include Kaboom!, Western Spaghetti and Fresh Guacamole (the shortest animation ever nominated for an Academy Award) is hard at work on a feature film in Hollywood, but took time out to work with citizenM.

You can see more of his amazing work at www.eatpes.com

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