I’ve grown up writing, dancing and travelling my way to current adventures in Amsterdam as a label executive. Unable to sit still, I enjoy exploring the music and nightlife major cities have to offer.


Coen Tegelberg




A&R Manager, DJ

I’ve been fascinated with dance and hip-hop culture since I first saw Bomfunk MC’s ‘Freestyler’ video when I was 10 years old. The big move to Brussels shortly afterwards laid the foundation of my passion for anything funky, weird, and under the radar. I still can’t get enough of old groove. As I got older, things slowly but surely blossomed into full-time music nerdism.

I get excited by most things performance-based, (sub)cultural research and debate, Italian food, mountains, things that go ‘woosh,’ and a band called Explosions In The Sky. The past few years have been filled with DJ’ing, organizing events, the occasional exam, and a casual festival habit.

Recently moved to Amsterdam to further break taboos of cultural participation and what music my friends (and theirs) are supposed to like through my new blog.

Blog: takeasojourn.wordpress.com

Twitter: @sovalondon

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Good house vibrations

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London Grammar

Hey now – what’s this?

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A soul-documentarian

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